Tuesday, November 14, 2017
The Archaeology and History of the Sepulveda Adobe, Malibu Creek State Park.

Barbara Tejada, California State Parks

Since park acquisition of the Sepulveda Adobe in 1979, several archaeological and architectural investigations, as well as historical research, have been conducted to reveal the fascinating history behind the oldest standing structure in the Las Virgenes Valley. Recent work to develop public exhibits for the Adobe, scheduled to open in 2018, has allowed for a more comprehensive review of the site’s history. This talk will cover an overview of the investigations completed to date, what we have learned from those investigations, and what is present and missing from the archaeological record. 

Barbara Tejada has 20 years’ experience in southern California archaeology, from the coasts, to the mountains, to the deserts. She has worked as an archaeologist for California State Parks for eight years, with particular focus on the Santa Monica Mountains. Her research interests include groundstone artifact analysis, material sourcing and landscape studies. Barbara is a proponent of public outreach, and has presented archaeological research and methods to several schools and community groups.

Meeting Place
Second Tuesday of every month (no meetings in July and August) at 7:00 pm
Chumash Indian Museum 
3290 Lang Ranch Pkwy Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Ventura County Archeological Society (VCAS) 
P.O. Box 4172 
Thousand Oaks, CA 91359 

   The VCAS/Ventura County Archaeological Society was established in 1972 when concerned Ventura County citizens as well as local professional and avocational archaeologists saw a need to organize, study and preserve our County's rich prehistoric heritage.

  The Society has been instrumental in the implementation of research and preservation goals aimed at our local archaeological resources.  With an eye towards the future the Society has a collections and archival curation program, site recordation and monitoring program, and a continuing education program. 

101 freeway take Westlake Blvd exit, go to North Westlake Blvd 4 miles to Lang Ranch Pkwy, turn right. Museum is on right hand side
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