Ventura County Archeological Society (VCAS) 
P.O. Box 4172 
Thousand Oaks, CA 91359 

Membership requires a pledge to adhere to the Society's "Code of Ethics."

Dues run from January to December (calendar year) and are as follows:
Regular $40, Family $50, Student $25.
The dues are prorated for summer applications. 

Please send your membership application (click here) and dues,
with check made payable to
Ventura County Archaeological Society
to the membership chair at the following address :

Ventura County Archaeological Society Membership
 P. O. Box 4172, Thousand Oaks, CA 91359.

VCAS Membership Code of Ethics  

1. All archeological field work will be conducted only under the supervision of a qualified field director. 
2. A complete record of site survey and excavation reports will be filed with the Society and other specified
3. Artifacts discovered and all material obtained from V.C.A.S. surveys and excavations will be turned in to
    the Society or any other specified institution for further research. 
4. The location of any site will not be revealed to non members until it has been released for general
    publicity by the sponsoring institution or by the Society. 
5. Any action (i.e., excavations, lectures, etc.) under the auspices of the V.C.A.S. must be approved by the
6. The Society Code of Ethics and the State and Federal Antiquity Laws will be adhered to by the